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We provide enterprise customers and SMEs access to market leading freight forwarding services, unbeatable rates from top carriers, and real-time shipment tracking. Our groundbreaking platform helps streamline performance and unlock new efficiencies within your operations.

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Our services are tailored to fit the freight forwarding industry, which we’ve been a part of for over 20 years. Freight Tasker helps you make informed decisions, lower costs and drive profits across your global supply chain.

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The old way
  • icon Spend ages waiting for sales reps to quote you
  • icon Manage everything in a spreadsheet
  • icon Forced to enter the same information multiple times for the same shipment
  • icon Lose time or money after crucial emails get missed
  • icon Have to call your vendor to find out where your shipment is
  • icon Get sent the same generic pricing as everyone else
  • icon Burn all profits in unforeseen admin or unplanned delays
The Freight Tasker way
  • icon Instant online quotes from multiple providers
  • icon Quote, book and ship from anywhere with our modern web app. No download required.
  • icon Quickly and easily upload all your shipment details and related documents for all stakeholders to access
  • icon Get time-stamped notifications as part of a proven shipment workflow
  • icon View your cargo’s location on an automatically updated map interface
  • icon Get tailored quotes from multiple suppliers based on your exact cargo
  • icon Deliver on budget and on time - every time

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