About Us

Leveraging technology and automation to deliver the future of shipping and logistics.


To create the world’s most user friendly, relevant and systemised global freight forwarding service.


Connecting ideas, people, goods and opportunity.

Why we exist

We help importers and exporters book, track and deliver their shipments around the world - profitably, efficiently and accurately. Our platform empowers organisations in Australia and abroad to cut down on unnecessary admin, source instant pricing, automate the booking process, and view all their shipment info in a single location.

How it all started

After 20+ years of working in the admin-intensive, manual-process driven freight forwarding industry, the founders of Freight Tasker decided there must be a better way. Seeing how rapidly other sectors were advancing using technology and automation, the team worked carefully with supply chain partners, IT engineers and data scientists to bring to life the Freight Tasker portal and supplier network, unlocking ten-fold efficiencies and profit-driving solutions for our clients. Within the first year the team size had doubled and Freight Tasker had opened its second office in New Zealand.

A fresh perspective - a.k.a. why logistics doesn’t have to be stuck in the Stone Age

As long-time sufferers of the inefficiencies of the global shipping industry, the team at Freight Tasker are well aware of the pain of manual processing currently shackling operators…. Days or even weeks waiting for quotes; a million emails of repeated (and still somehow overlooked) information; lack of visibility over shipments; unplanned costs; nigh impossible forecasting and reporting…

We saw other industries light years ahead and asked a simple question - why are freight forwarders relegated to being dinosaurs?

Making a difference (by being different)

Meet the founders

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James Buck

Director & Co-Founder

With 21 years’ experience in management roles across national and international logistics enterprises, James is passionate about helping businesses do business smarter. Specialising in driving commercial growth within his own organisation and others, James’s focus at Freight Tasker is helping unlock the power of digital transformation for as many global shipment partners as possible.

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Drew Bowler

Director & Co-Founder

A seasoned supply chain manager with experience in Oceania and Europe since 2000, Drew’s passion is the ongoing innovation and roll-out of the Freight Tasker platform. With a focus on operational excellence and fostering relationships and feedback loops with our partners, Drew is driving change not only within the Freight Tasker network, but across the whole freight forwarding industry.

Our Values

We love logistics and technology. But we’re people-focused people, too. Reach out and say hi.